Saturday, September 5, 2015

4th Quarter 2015 COPIC Classes

COPIC Basics: Learn the basics and how to use COPIC markers with hands on practice in class supported with handouts for future reference.  Learn different blending techniques such as one color shading; on paper blending, palette blending, tip-to-tip blending and feathering.  We will even practice how to fix areas “if” you color outside the lines. 
Don’t miss this class so you can learn more techniques in upcoming classes!!!
Pre-requisite: None
Supplies: None.  Instructor brings all the markers needed for use during class.

Date: Saturday, 10/3
Cost: $28

COPIC Hair, Skin & Patterns:  This class being offered has a lot of techniques that are a step beyond COPIC Basics where you will learn how to color people head to toe.  Learn the techniques on how to color different types of hair and colors, skin with discussions on different ethnicities.  Color, create and discuss different clothing with hands on and/or demos on how to add many different types of patterns and textures with and without creating /using your own masks.   
Pre-requisite: COPIC Basics or a similar beginner class.
Supplies:  Your own markers will be needed for this class. 
Colors: E00, E01, E11, E31, E35, E37, YR21, R21 and one of the following Toner Grays T1, T2, T3 or T4 plus don’t forget your favorite colors for clothing (highlight (0,1,2 or 3) /mid tones (4, 5 or 6) in color families). 
Optional color groups: C3, C5, C7 and C9;
YR20, E18, E25, E31 and E50;           
E02, E07 and E15
Date: Saturday, 11/7
Cost: $28

COPIC Black, White & Furry: A step beyond COPIC Basics that helps adds so much more to your stamped images.  Learn how create realistic black and white objects; such as snowmen, a daisy or Santa’s boots.  We will also address textures for coloring a teddy bear or a furry animal on how to add more dimension. There will be discussions and demos on mixing color mediums by using colored pencil and COPIC multi-liner pens with COPIC markers. Techniques on shading and creating shadows will be discussed and a handout will be provided for future reference so you can focus on learning by doing vs. taking notes.  This class is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy!  
Pre-requisite: COPIC Basics or a similar class. 
Supplies:  Your own markers will be needed for this class.  C0, 01, 03, 05 and 07 (or any other Gray color family) Even numbers are fine as well 00, 02, 04, 06, 08, but only one set of odds OR evens is needed
Other Colors***: E31, E35, B00, BG11, Y11, G82, YG67, YR20, YR21 and YR25
Optional: R20 and/or R39, gray, brown, yellow/gold colored pencils or fine point COPIC multi-liner pens (if you have them)
All of your markers should be clearly marked with your name or an easy identifier.
*** These are color suggestions; other colors can be used for practicing techniques so if you do not have these colors bring the ones that you have that are similar colors

Date: Saturday, 12/5

Cost: $28