Friday, April 30, 2010

New Product Arrived...Finally

Not that I have had any time to create (unfortunately), I am very excited that I will be picking up product tomorrow that has finally come in.  I have been waiting since the end of January for one.  Melissa Frances and Basic Grey Cappella Line is in...I can't wait to see them. I hope they look just as good in person as they did online.
It's been hard to plan classes when the product doesn't come in as planned...combined with working 12-19 hour days and weekends.  I am hoping it will be calming down soon because I feel like my days all run together lately.  Every time I say that, it gets crazy again.  However, as of tonight, it looks like I will have some time to "play" this weekend.  I am really looking forward to it.  I decided to clean my house tonight so that I don't have to do that on Sunday.  I need to switch gears and get those creative juices flowing again and RELAX.
Hopefully I will have some pictures to post for you soon!  Hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend that's heading our way.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Class Changes & Updates

Hello All!  It has been very crazy lately with my full time job which has been taking up the majority of my time lately and it will be getting even crazier over the next few weeks.  That being said, I need to change the following classes:
  • Thursday - 4/22/10: Picture Perfect Pages at Wiggles & Giggles will be MOVED to the May Class date of Thursday - 5/27/10 @ 6pm
  • Monday - 5/3/10: Mother's Day Album at The Inspiration Station will be CANCELLED due to not having enough time to run the class before Mother's Day
  • Wednesday - 5/5/10: Scrap More Layouts and Cards at The Inspiration Station will be MOVED to the June date of Wednesday - 6/2/10 @ 6pm
COPIC Classes have been postponed due to the timeframe that were given for receiving the product that we will be using during classes.   I will update these dates in my original post as well as here:
  • COPIC 101 Classes: Thursday 6/10/10 @ 6pm or Sunday 6/13/10 @ 11:30 am
  • COPIC 102 Classes:  Sunday 7/11/10 @ 11:30am or Thursday 7/15/10 @ 6pm
Hope you are finding time for creating.  I hope to be doing some again soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

COPIC 101 & 102 Classes

There will be multiple COPIC classes offered during June and July at Wiggles & Giggles.  There has been a date change due to a delay as to when the product will be available.  We wanted to make sure that there was enough time to get in enough product for the class.  If any of the below dates do not work for you, please feel free to let Wiggles & Giggles or me know if you are interested and we can work on scheduling another set of classes.

COPIC Markers 101:
Learn the necessary basic information needed for COPIC markers.  Begin practicing and learning about blending techniques. As part of this class, you will get three markers to use during class and take home with you.  This is value of over $19 in product. We will begin creating a reference flip book filled with COPIC information and color combinations.   Two different date/times are being offered. Each class will be 1.5 hours.  Thursday: 6/10 @ 6pm or Sunday: 6/13 @ 11:30am.

COPIC Markers 102: Learn about and practice additional blending techniques. As part of this second class, you will get three markers to use during class and take home with you. This is value of over $19 in product. Different colors from the COPIC 101 class will be provided to help grow your marker collection.   We will also be adding to the reference flip book that was started in COPIC 101 with more techniques and color combinations.  Two different date/times are being offered. Each class will be 1.5 hours. Sunday: 7/11 @ 11:30 or Thursday: 7/15 @ 6pm.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on Upcoming Classes

Do you like Memory Box products?  Join me on Wednesday, 4/7 at The Inspiration Station for my two page layout and two cards using gorgeous Memory Box papers and stamps!  If you cannot make it to class, then I would be happy to put together a kit for you. If you are interested, please be sure to call the store by 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday - 4/6) so I have enough time to prepare for the following nights the store is closed during the day on Wednesday. If you would like a kit, please be sure to provide your email address as well when you call.

If you are interested in embossing then please join me on Sunday, April 11th at Wiggles and Giggles. We will be making 4 cards using brass stencils as well as embossing folders. You will even get a brass stencil to take home with you.

So, bad news...the Melissa Frances product that I was relying on for my Mother's Day albums are delayed until June now.  I have been trying to scramble to see if I can use some product from my "stash" or find another product line that I could even get in time to make a sample for these classes, but time is running out.  I will know more by the end of this week and post an update this weekend.
I have scheduled my first COPIC Marker 101 class at Wiggles and Giggles.  It will be held on Saturday, May 8th from 1:30 - 3:00.  You will be getting 3 markers included as part of each class!  It will be a great way to learn about and play with these great markers.  We will be having a COPIC Marker 102 class as well...and if people are interested in continuing and making a COPIC Marker Club that would meet monthly then we will do this as well... More COPIC Class information to come - Check back for updates!

I hope you are all finding time to be creative.  Unfortunately, I have been way too busy with my full time job these past couple of weeks that it has knocked my "playtime" down to nothing...however, I do have a playdate scheduled for tomorrow night...looking forward to it.  I hope those creative juices will be flowing :-)