Thursday, March 3, 2011

Successful Scrapbook Weekend Away

I was in my glory this past weekend...what better than being able to scrapbook with no interruptions, no time restrictions, enough room to spread out (an entire table just for me) and a great friend by my side.  We began scrapping around 1pm on Friday by the time we set up and I went until about 2:30am was up early (6:30) the next morning and exercised, then shopped for a while (see below) and up until 4:30am and back up again at 8am and scrapped until 3:30pm when it was a sad time that we had to stop, pick up and hit the road...back to reality and no more scrapbook heaven :-)

I had a blast and accomplished so much!!!  Met some great new people and lots of projects completed or almost completed.  I am waiting to find the perfect embellishments for a couple, so more playing needed and a tool of mine broke so I need to finish another project once I replace the tool.  This weekend crop did do another thing for me and that was force me to learn how to use my Gypsy.  I have had it since the first day it was released and yes, I just used it for the first time this past weekend.  I love the convenience of this and I welded my first set of letters.  I was very excited about that!

We also took some time out of our day on Saturday to go to Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Mass. OMG, I was in heaven!  They had a great selection of just what I like, so I was happy...and broke by the time I left - LOL.  They rang the bell at checkout, so those of you that may have gone there know what that means:-).  Lots of new things to try in my classes/projects.  I am really excited and cannot wait to try them all out as well as build them into my upcoming classes.  My mind was going a mile a minute in there.  I will definitely go back.

The crop was run by Theresa Murphy and her sister Beth.  They did a fabulous job and we are definitely going to be regulars at least each February.  They are still looking for a place for their early fall weekend crop.  There were a couple of different vendors (Patrice O'Keefe from Scrappinsheek and Siewleng Hiraldo from Time 2 Scrap )that had a really nice selection of product...and yes, I found more stuff to purchase.  I even took a class from Patrice and she showed me a transfer technique and use of some new products that will be used in upcoming classes.  Thanks Patrice!  Those creative juices were flowing.  Thanks to all of these ladies for a wonderful time!

Classes planned through June have been listed with dates and times.  More information and pictures will be coming soon.

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