Monday, March 22, 2010

Copic Marker Certified

Yesterday, I obtained my Copic Marker Certification in Long Island, NY and I am really excited to be able to pass along the knowledge that I received in some upcoming classes (to be announced soon).  I had been going back and forth about which class to take; Long Island in March or Maine in May.  However, since I wanted to become certified as soon as I could, I picked Long Island.
After running early Saturday morning then hanging out at Panera, I ventured out for my drive to Long Island.  It was a gorgeous day thank goodness because I knew I was going to be tired because I usually nap on the Saturdays that I run :-).  I did not enjoy the drive.  Lots of traffic, I was tired and just not a fun ride.
When I arrived at the hotel, there weren't any rooms that were available yet, so I had some lunch.  I decided not to take a nap because I figured I would just go to bed early so I would be well rested for the class on Sunday.  I think I feel asleep around 8:30/9:00 which was great until some teenage girls team from Atlantic City staying in the rooms surrounding mine and down the hall, woke me up.   Around 10pm they decided to keep going in and out of each others rooms.  All I heard were doors closing/slamming and loud talking in the hall almost constantly for the next 30 minutes until I asked them nicely to please now I was up until about 11:30/midnight.  So, I guess I did get my nap in after all :-).
Early the next morning when I woke up to slamming doors again and one of the coaches or chaperones yelling in the hall that they all needed to be together for breakfast because they only had one voucher for everyone, I was just slightly annoyed...but I was excited about the class.  I knew I was going to be tired from not sleeping well and being in class for 7 hours so I was not looking forward to my 3+ hour drive home.  So, I booked the ferry back to CT and that was the BEST decision ever...what a nicer way to travel and wouldn't do it any other way if I ever go to Long Island again.
After all that, I did enjoy the class.  I always enjoy meeting new people that share my obsession with paper crafting...really enjoyed the markers we got with class and while I said that I would never get the air compressor...well...I just might.


heidig said...

Congratulations! Wasn't this one of the items on your list of things you wanted to accomplish this year?

Nicole said...

Hey Dawn,
It was great meeting you yesterday. I left a few mins after u during the Q&A. I checked out some of your layouts on your blog. They are super cute. Thanks for visiting.

Have a Scrap Happy Day

Dawn Emanuele said...

Thanks Heidi. Yes, one more goal down and two to go. Not sure Ranger U is doable this year due to the timing of the class if I was to be accepted, but we will see. I do need to look for and try out for design teams. Thanks again.

Dawn Emanuele said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Nicole. Good luck with your design team experience.